Now that your works at Downsview are almost completed, I wanted to write to you with feedback as this is the first time we have worked together.   As this project was for the new residence for our Divisional Managing Director, it has been something that has been under the spotlight from all aspects of senior Berkeley directors. I am pleased to say that Law Roofing have performed very well.   The initial Pre Start Meeting was conducted thoroughly. Looking back, we did not come across any aspect of work that we did not foresee, did not plan or was not comprehensively covered within your RAMS.   All of the operatives you had on site we all competent, co-operative and performed well. They were always clean and tidy with their work areas.   What little snagging we did have was dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Materials were always on site when needed and there was very little excess at the end of the job.   We now have a number of buildings / structures across the curtilage of the new property with roof coverings installed by Law Roofing and we are happy with the consistency, quality, appearance and indeed timing taken to complete them. More importantly, our MD is happy!   I would like to thank you for the works that have been done, the attentiveness shown by yourself when liaising with me and I sincerely hope we get to work together in the near future on other projects.

Mark Otto - Testimonial

Alan Hopley - 27/10/2019

Berkeley Homes - Downsview

The quality of the finish and the workmanship was second to none.  I would highly recommend Law Roofing moving forward.

Mark Otto - Testimonial

Mr Stevens

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